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Student Contents Insurance

Moving into a shared student house can be an exciting time. You may or may not know the people you are moving in with but this all adds to the fun. Once the scramble for the largest room has finished and you start to unpack take a look around at the items you have brought with you.

Your laptop, the TV and DVD player for your room, your iPod, mobile phone and possibly a games console?

If you start to add up the value of these items plus any sentimental items you may possess, you will no doubt pass the £1000 mark and this is the time to think about contents insurance for students. compares student contents insurance to help you find the best insurance policy at the most competitive price.

So how does student contents insurance work

The home office has statistics to show that one in three university students are victims of crime every year and this is why students need to be suitably insured.

Think about what possessions you want to be covered by an insurance policy, this will mainly be the high value items but sentimental items can also be included.

Student accommodation is no stranger to parties so it would be wise to include accidental damage cover just to ease the financial burden if anything is broken or damaged.

Once you have found a policy which covers all of your items it is now important to carefully read through the terms and conditions.

Check that your possessions are covered not only during terms times but also when you are away from your student house in-between terms and during holidays etc. Check what the limits are in regards to how long you can be away from the house for and item value limits. Your policy will either have a collective item limit or a single item limit. If you have items that exceed these limits then you may require specialist insurance.

Also check that the items that you carry around when out and about such as your iPod, mobile phone and even the clothes on your back are covered in case of theft or damage. If you own a bicycle this may or may not be included on a policy so speak with the insurer.

Saving money on your student contents insurance

Student contents insurance doesn’t have to be expensive but we realise the need for students to save money at every possible opportunity. Here are five tips to make sure you get the right policy at the best possible price.

1. Could your parents cover you?

You can’t get much cheaper than free! See if your parents’ home insurance policy will cover your contents to. It may not be included but may only take a small fee to add it on to their policy which will no doubt be cheaper than getting your own policy.

2. Increase security

Take the necessary steps to make sure your student accommodation is secure. Ask your landlord if they will fit a burglar alarm which can reduce your annual premium and make sure fire alarms are installed and working properly.

3. Insure only your most prized possessions

Whether that is the laptop you use for university work, the Playstation 3 you use for down time or both, insuring only the most expensive/important items will lower your premium as you will not have to insure everything that you own.

4. Share a policy with your housemates

Some insurers will allow you and your student housemates to share a policy so that you can all list your most valuable possessions. Either that or one of you can insure everything using a standard contents insurance policy then simply split the cost with the rest of the group.

5. Avoid making claims

Take care of your possessions and if you are having a few friends round, pack away your more expensive items so they don’t get knocked or broken. Avoiding making a claim will allow you to build up a no claims bonus so that next year your premium will be even cheaper.

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